You source products.

We’ll do the prep work.

With simple, straightforward pricing, you can rest assured that your inventory is being prepped to Amazon’s standards as quickly as possible.

2,000 square feet of warehouse space

<48 hr prep turnaround

<24hr support response time

Less prep, more time

We believe time is your most valuable asset. Reclaim yours by outsourcing the heavy lifting to us. Our clients benefit from newfound capacity and peace of mind that their inventory is in good hands.

Everything you need to sell on Amazon

Having been sellers ourselves, the team is well versed in Amazon’s extensive standards and specifications for using their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.


We’ll attach FNSKU labels to your products, avoiding inventory commingling by Amazon which is often problematic.


If your items aren’t individually packaged in cardboard boxes, we’ll poly-bag them.

Bubble wrapping

Items made of glass, or at greater risk of damage in transit, will be bubble wrapped.

Multipacking & bundling

We’ll assemble bundles and label them appropriately to prevent separation on arrival at Amazon’s fulfillment centers.


We store products on pallets and shrink wrap them to protect products. Storage is free for the first month.


We’ll ship products to Amazon by pallet when possible to reduce your shipping costs.

Ready to start?
Outsource prep work to us.

We’ll walk you through our process step by step, and then your prep work will be a thing of the past!