Our Prep Process

We believe in keeping everything as simple as possible! Here is how our Prep Center operates!

  1. You place your Online/Supplier Orders as you normally would, just use our warehouse address.
  2. We built a full spreadsheet entry system with **AirTable** where you will provide all of the product data.
  3. We receive your packages and they are sorted on to your shelf spot daily.
  4. You are given a dedicated once per week shipping day and account manager who is in charge of your shipment every single week. A once per week shipment allows for larger batches to be done at once which saves you on the inbound cost to Amazon. You can always request extra shipments of course!
  5. We use Discord for all Communication to ensure quick replies!
  6. As we prep your products, your account manager will be in touch on Discord if there are any questions about items, box damage, etc as well as update the status of all products on your dashboard.
  7. We create your shipments from scratch and take care of ALL the data entry for you! Using the info you provide on AirTable, we will enter the Supplier-Buy Cost-Expiration-Etc so you can truly be as hands off as possible!
  8. Once your shipment is complete, you will receive a Discord message with a list of any issue items such as box damage. Once you have a return label from the retailer, simply attach it to the thread and we will send it back to the retailer at no extra charge.
  9. Place more orders, rinse and repeat!